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Hi @jnna, I favorited that picture on flickr and my favorites are auto-imported to tumblr and soup.io. Primarily this is an archive for me. It is quite obvious that I have only limited visibility, but I also think of it as an endorsement; I want to promote the things I like or find remarkable. I am not making any money from this, so I think the only one, who benefits from something I post is the creator of this work, as it increases his or her visibility. Maybe someone, who did not know an picture or text snippet before, might see this, because I saw it and posted it. I always try to attribute the work of others correctly, thus I supplied a link to flickr as the source of the photo.
Whenever I fav something on flickr, it ends up here. This means that I would need to ask you, if I am allowed to favorite one of your photos on flickr. "Excuse me, I like the photo you posted on the Internet. May I add it to my favorites?" sounds strange to me.

Of course I respect your decision (and also added your soup as source) and will avoid adding any of your works to my favorites again, as you don't want me to promote you without asking first. That is alright, I just don't think that the Internet works this way.

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